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Mill Valley CA, all of the charm of a small European Village surrounded by speca

Mill Valley, California has the charm of a small European village, surrounded by towering redwoods and legendary parks. Nestled at the foot of Mount Tamalpais and extending to the marshland surrounding Richardson Bay, Mill Valley is an equal draw for hikers and runners, musicians and artists, foodies and fashionistas, and moms and dads with strollers. Its close proximity to San Francisco enables visitors to take in an evening in �The City,� then return for a good night�s rest at a local inn. Just minutes away are Muir Woods National Monument and Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which attract vacationers from California and around the world. The year-round Mediterranean climate means that you�ll usually find dozens of locals lounging in downtown�s Depot Square after grabbing a latte at one of the many cafes and coffee houses. Mill Valley hosts a range of cultural activities, like the internationally recognized Mill Valley Film Festival, which brings in leading filmmakers and movie aficionados from across the country. Locals throughout the Bay Area come to Mill Valley for the annual Wine & Gourmet Food Tasting, Fall Arts Festival and Winterfest. They also enjoy Mill Valley�s music and comic venues, where famous guest musicians and comedians are known to �drop in� for an evening to entertain. Mill Valley�s vibrant business districts offer a variety of delights, from one-of-a-kind boutique clothing shops, salons and yoga studios to pet stores. Many Mill Valley restaurants take advantage of locally grown produce and regional cheeses. If you just want a simple burrito, gourmet burger or handmade pizza, you can find that too! The spirit of artistic creation runs deep in Mill Valley, with a mixture of world-class entertainment and small town vibe. T he Internationally recognized Mill Valley Film Festival has attracted leading filmmakers and movie aficionados for over 30 years. The Mountain Play, produced in June in an outdoor amphitheater on Mount Tam, attracts thousands of theater goers with Broadway musicals performed by talented local actors. The annual Mill Valley Wine & Gourmet Food Tasting showcases the best of local restaurants, exquisite wines and artisan brews. The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, set under a canopy of redwoods, features established and emerging independent artists. Winterfest helps everyone get into a holiday mood with music, ice skating and Santa Claus. The vibrant Mill Valley Art Commission sponsors free Comedy Night on the Plaza, Concerts in the Plaza and First Tuesday Art Walks. People from all over the Bay Area are drawn to Mill Valley�s top-notch entertainment venues, including Sweetwater, one of the best music clubs in the nation. 142 Throckmorton, a jewel box of a theater, offers jazz, folk music and a legendary standup comedy showcase. Several well-known artists after performing here, have even chosen to make Mill Valley their home, including Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana, and Bob Weir. Whether you plan to visit Mill Valley for an entire week, or just an afternoon, its small-town ambiance, unique cultural activities and lush natural scenery are sure to draw you back again and again. Stop by the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center at 85 Throckmorton Avenue for information and maps to help you explore and enjoy our very special part of the world!

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